A Ghost Tale

Back in January, me and other two guys, tested Ghost CMS doing a Web Application PT and a code review. I won't talk here of the whole test, but I'll »

He doesn't have a passport.

This post is kind of a cheat-sheet on bypassing common used WiFi hotspot authentication method, I encountered so far. The idea started a couple of weeks ago, in my trip »

At this rate it will hit the launch codes in... 5.3 minutes.

Or, how not to do a password manager.. Hello everyone, in this post I would like to analyze an Android application which purpose is to manage and generate passwords securely »

First, it is slighty cheaper; and second, it has the words DON'T PANIC written in large, friendly letters on its cover.

This' gonna be a little wrap up about the experience at BlackHat Europe 2014, in which I presented my tool, NFCulT, at the Arsenal and I'd like to start with »

You found Wonka's golden ticket!

Today I would like to speak with you about NFCulT, what is it, how it has been created and why. History The whole thing started in Jenuary 2013 when here »